The Ceres Connect the Drops campaign is a call to action for companies and policymakers in California to advance resilient water solutions that ensure sustainable management of the state’s stressed, and often unpredictable water supplies. 

Ceres Connect the Drops Declaration

California water is a case study in extremes, exacerbated by a changing climate. Periods of epic drought followed by torrential precipitation are the new normal, making it harder to manage water supplies and protect the state’s ecosystems, communities, farms, businesses and infrastructure.

California, the world’s sixth largest economy, faces serious economic impacts from both water scarcity and water excess. As a result, companies are stepping up and engaging with policymakers and other stakeholders on critical water issues affecting the state and their own operations.

Through the Ceres Connect the Drops campaign, these companies are showcasing their strong leadership on water stewardship and championing new and existing innovative solutions to maximize local water supplies.

The campaign promotes wide-ranging action, specifically:

  • Water conservation and efficiency
  • Water reuse
  • Stormwater capture and use and recharge
  • Groundwater management
  • Funding for smart water projects

The centerpiece of Ceres Connect the Drops is a declaration that gives voice to the economic benefits of sustainable water management and the important connections between sustainable water supplies and the economic health of California.


Network Members

The Ceres Connect the Drops campaign provides a unique opportunity for companies to advance sustainable water solutions during a time marked by extreme weather conditions. By joining this effort, companies can add their name to a growing list of businesses that are seizing the tremendous economic opportunities in driving a sustainable water future for California.

Addenda Capital
Best Buy
KB Home
White Wave

Companies Take Action on Water

Ceres Connect the Drops’ members are taking strong action to reduce their own water footprints. Some are also protecting water resources at the watershed level through multi-stakeholder collaborations or by participating in development and implementation of the state’s groundwater management plans.

Here’s a closer look at how companies are taking action on water stewardship.