The Ceres BICEP Network comprises influential companies advocating for stronger climate and clean energy policies at the state and federal level in the U.S. As powerful champions of the accelerated transition to a low-carbon economy, Ceres BICEP Network members have weighed in when it has mattered most.  

The Ceres BICEP Network was founded in 2009 on the understanding that climate and clean energy challenges present tremendous opportunities, but also urgent risks for global businesses. 

Ceres BICEP Network members have weighed in on a range of state and federal policies from renewable energy issues to fuel efficiency standards, to various Clean Air Act measures to the Paris Climate Agreement. These forward-thinking companies are respected leaders in their sectors who recognize that the low-carbon economy will continue stimulating growth and create new jobs, while stabilizing our climate. 

Ceres BICEP Network members support three principles: increased adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency; increased investment in a clean energy economy; and increased support for climate change resilience.

Ceres provides members with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively engage with state and federal policymakers on climate and energy policies. Through in-person meetings with key lawmakers, sign-on letters, speaking engagements and media interviews, we offer a diverse menu of options for companies to demonstrate leadership and action that will result in a stronger, more sustainable future. 

Forward-thinking climate and clean energy policies present huge economic opportunities for American business, job creation, innovation and overall competitiveness. On the heels of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, which is supported by more than 1000 U.S. businesses and governments worldwide, companies who move quickly to tackle climate change and advance solutions will have a clear competitive advantage in the emerging low-carbon global economy. 

Network Members